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Unplanned Outage NW of Emporia

During the night of July 27, 2016 about 1200 Lyon-Coffey Electric members NW of Emporia experienced an unplanned outage for up to 6 hours. This outage was caused by a breaker failure on a high voltage distribution line between substations. Lyon-Coffey Electric brought in several technicians to determine the safest solution to quickly restore power.

All members’ power was restored by early morning.

Lyon-Coffey reminds members to contact the outage hotline to report outages, 1-800-748-7395

Toronto Scheduled Outage

Thursday May 19th from 9am to 1pm Westar will have power off to the Toronto area off. Last weekend there was strong winds that moved thru the are and Westar lost upwards of 30 distribution poles. While they worked thru the night and early morning to get the distribution power lines restored they will need to shut power off for final repairs.

We will also be making phone contact to our members that will be affect.

Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative, Inc. Announces Centralized Headquarters Location

Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative, Inc.  Announces
Centralized Headquarters Location

Burlington, Kansas April 27, 2016 – Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative announced today that the Board of Trustees has approved building a headquarters facility at Beto Junction (Intersection of I-35 and Hwy 75).   Several years of studying and planning went into the decision to centralize the cooperative’s operations.

The cooperative is facing a host of issues that precipitated undertaking this study, including:  inefficiencies and the high costs of operating multiple locations, the age and deterioration of the Burlington facility, a concern about the ability to operate should an incident occur at the Wolf Creek Nuclear plant, as well as the need for additional office space.

“Our current building in Burlington has served the Cooperative for more than 60 years. In order for us to continue providing the level of service our members expect and deserve today and into the future, it is vital that the cooperative have a facility which will allow us to maximize efficiencies, says Scott Whittington, General Manager of the cooperative. “For our member’s convenience, we will be keeping the Emporia office (1801 West 18th Ave.) open to accept payments.”

The Board retained the services of Stava Construction to design and build a structure that will meet the needs of Lyon-Coffey Electric membership for many years to come. Stava has experience in constructing commercial buildings throughout Kansas and the Midwest and has been the primary builder for several CVS Pharmacies and Dollar General Stores. Construction of the new cooperative building should begin sometime during the summer of 2016.


Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative, Inc. serves 7,315 businesses and households in Anderson, Chase, Coffey, Franklin, Greenwood, Lyon, Osage, Wabaunsee and Woodson counties. Their current headquarters office is located at 1013 N. 4th Street, Burlington, Kansas.

Stacy Heins appointed to Lyon-Coffey Board

Lyon-Coffey Electric board is proud to announce Stacy Heins has been appointed to the vacant board position. Stacy is an elementary teacher at Burlington Elementary School and along with her husband Travis have a farm in the Olpe area.  Stacy has been a member of Lyon-Coffey Electric cooperative for 13 years and we look forward to her service on the Lyon-Coffey Electric board of trustees.

Watch for Telephone Scammers

Watch for Telephone Scammers

Faced with a rash of collection scams targeting its small commercial accounts, a Montana electric cooperative is concerned that those responsible might be operating outside of the United States..

Businesses have reportedly received the scammers’ calls after hours or on weekends when co-op offices would normally be closed. In some cases, calls have originated from numbers that show up as “Flathead Electric” on caller identification systems.

“One call came in on a Sunday at around 7 p.m. and it was someone claiming to be the power company [telling us] we were behind on our bill,” said Julie Smith, a tavern operator who has received several of the calls in recent weeks. “It was the same foreign accent and the same old scenario of [a call] that happened before.”

According to local law enforcement, the accent of the caller may indicate that the scam is originating outside of the United States, even though phone numbers may appear to have domestic area codes. Lyon-Coffey Electric hopes to derail scammers by telling account holders to visit the office or call the co-op directly if they have questions about their bills.

Just to let you know, Lyon-Coffey Electric does not call and threaten to disconnect power at all, and we certainly don’t outsource anything. Members are always welcome to come into our offices to discuss their bills, or call telephone numbers posted on their bills and available publicly.

Scammers have been targeting restaurants and other busy small businesses that would suffer economically if their power was shut off.

Investigators say the people behind these schemes move around and change their telephone numbers a lot so they are nearly impossible to catch.

One solution is by consumers educating themselves so they do not fall prey to such scams in the first place. That way the swindlers will give up, move on, or just be put out of business one community at a time.


Cold Weather Rule

The co-op will not disconnect a residential service between November 15 and March 15 when the local National Weather Service office forecasts the temperature will drop below 35 degrees Fahrenheit with the following 24 hour period unless:
• It is at the member’s request;
• The service is abandoned;
• A dangerous condition exists on the member’s premises;
• The member violates any rule of the cooperative, which adversely affects the safety of the member or other persons, or the physical integrity of the cooperative’s delivery system;
• The member causes or permits unauthorized interference with or diversion or use of (meter bypass), electric service situated or delivered on or about the member’s premises.

To qualify for the provisions of the Cold Weather Rule the consumer needs to:

• Inform the cooperative of their inability to pay their account in full;
• Give sufficient information to allow the cooperative to make a payment arrangement mutually agreeable;
• NOT default on a payment agreement. Once an agreement has been made and those terms are defaulted on, the agreement becomes null and void and the member’s service will be subject to immediate disconnection

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