New Rural Internet Solution, Exede!

The next generation of broadband via satellite, and it’s FAST.

ViaSat-1, the highest capacity satellite in the world, powers the next generation of satellite broadband.

Exede broadband service brings together the highest capacity satellite in the world, state-of-the-art equipment and breakthrough web acceleration technology. The new satellite, ViaSat-1, represents the most significant capacity leap in the history of satellite technology.  ViaSat has also built a brand new, state-of-the-art network here on the ground. The equipment in your home is all new, too, including a brand new modem with built-in web acceleration technology. All of this is optimized to bring you super fast speed and high quality streaming.
All of our new plans have the same great speed. Just choose how much you need each month.

No matter which Exede plan you choose, it comes with the fastest speed available in your area. Now you can choose the plan that’s right for you based on how much you use the Internet. Here’s how it works: Everything you do online involves the transfer of data. Some online activities, like streaming video and downloading movies or software, require a lot of data, while other activities like email and web browsing use much less. The more you do online, the larger your data plan should be. Think what you could do with the new, super fast broadband service from Exede.

Exceptional speed allows you to:

  • Watch streaming videos, TV shows and movies with fewer delays from buffering
  • Share more photos remarkably fast
  • Video chat with less jitter
  • Send and receive files quickly
  • Download and stream music
  • Experience exceptionally fast web browsing and email

Included with every plan:

  • The full suite of Google AppsTM: word processing, customizable home page, calendar, contacts, and tools to collaborate and build your own website!
  • Professional standard installation by a certified technician.

Our breakthrough web acceleration technology makes your web browsing faster.

To make your web browsing even snappier, we’ve included our exclusive web acceleration technology in every Exede modem. It’s designed to be intelligent, combining multiple Internet requests and fetching content faster than your browser to speed up the loading of web pages. The result is a superior browsing experience.

5 thoughts on “New Rural Internet Solution, Exede!

  1. We were just wondering about the cost of Excede Internet service and if it is available at our home address.

  2. Please call our office to further discuss availability in your area. I have forwarded your contact information on to our Exede expert! Thanks!

  3. Is this meant to replace Wild Blue Satellite? Is the price higher or lower per month, we pay a lot for very little with Wild Blue so why switch if it won’t be any different for service or price? Convince me.

  4. WildBlue and Exede will co-exist for the time being. Exede is MUCH faster than WildBlue, and a much better value.

    Regarding the human check…It blocked 52 spam attempts yesterday alone. It is necessary, and it does help.

    I will send you more information in an email.
    Thank you!

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