Less Is More

Demand for electricity is growing, but generation capacity is relatively flat. Rising prices, population growth, generation and transmission constraints, and environmental concerns all tax the capacity of utilities. Energy efficiency programs are a crucial supply resource for electric co-ops working to overcome these challenges.
Historically, the standard utility response to increasing energy demand has been to build more new generation and transmission facilities. However, this approach has become more difficult and expensive due to tougher regulatory hurdles and increasing construction costs.
Faced with these challenges, cooperatives are increasingly turning to energy efficiency as a critical supply resource for meeting energy demand. In 2006, utilities and other energy efficiency program sponsors spent $1.86 Billion on energy efficiency programs.
Energy efficiency is a process where less becomes more. By reducing your consumption of electricity you lower your monthly bill and at the same time you are ensuring a continuation of reliable, affordable power, even in times of short supply. Your lower usage means more energy available without pressuring the industry to produce more. And as of right now, every new kilowatt of generation built is more expensive that the one before.
How can I become energy efficient?
Lyon-Coffey Electric provides the tools and resources needed to make smart energy choices. To help homeowners learn about how their home uses energy and how to save money on energy bills, we’ve created the following resources:

  • Home Energy Saving Guide
  • 101 Low Cost/No Cost pamphlet on energy saving measures
  • Website link to Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audit
  • CFL Light Bulb Calculator- shows you how much money you can save by changing to compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Link to Touchstone Energy where you can find programs like:
  • CFL Charlie – an interactive kids site,
  • Energy Saver downloads, etc

The team at Lyon-Coffey Electric is working hard to provide you with safe, reliable, and affordable electricity every day. Will you join us by doing your part and become more energy efficient?
Together we can make a difference.