Service Agreement
Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a cooperative and does require a membership. Unless you’ve received electric service from a cooperative before, you probably don’t understand why you become a “member” of LCEC. Unlike investor-owned electric companies, we’re a not-for-profit organization owned by the people, like you, who use our service. The service agreement can be downloaded here. Due to regulations we require proof of ID. You can fill out the application and drop it off at either office to begin service.

Water heater rebate form
Lyon-Coffey Electric sells Marathon water heaters. All LCEC members are eligible for a rebate. Please call and talk to us about the water heaters and the rebate program.

Heat Pump Rebates Form
Lyon-Coffey Electric give it’s consumers a rebate on heat pumps installed in their service locations.
read more about rebates

Bank Draft Form
eBill not your style? No problem, we offer automatic bank draft.

Electric Heaters 101
Information about the “new” energy efficient room heaters. Great information!

Beware of energy saving claims
Urgent safety information.

Electric Bill
In plain english

Rules and Regulations
Cooperative Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
Cooperative Rules and Regulations